Women in Tech Panel at DisplayWeek

I will be on a panel, “Women in Tech” at DisplayWeek in L.A. this coming May.  Will you be there?

(Addendum 5/27/17:  The panel was too short… but some of the conversations that occurred at the reception afterwards were enlightening.)

Disruptive Display Technology

Displays made from mass transfered micro-Light Emitting Diodes (uLED) are in the wings, awaiting their chance on the stage.  Ken Warner gave me a shout-out in today’s Display Daily because I shared with him my strong belief that this is the next major display technology.  I will be writing more on this subject, so stay tuned.


Speaking at the 2014 SID Bay Area Chapter Dinner

I will be speaking and giving a presentation on October 10th, 2014 entitled, “What You See is NOT What You Get”, the topic of optical illusions and how they work.  It should be fun for everyone:

Abstract: In the display industry, we often assume that what we display on the screen is what the viewer will see. This is often not case. The Human Vision System, its optics, retina, and the visual cortex in the brain, have quirks that produce surprising and even amusing effects. Using images during her talk, Ms. Elliott will demonstrate and explain the how and why behind optical illusions.



Speaking at DisplayWeek ’14

I will be speaking on the “Resolution Revolution” on Monday morning during the Business Conference at the Society For Information Display’s annual DisplayWeek in San Diego, June 2nd.  I hope you will be attending.


At the very least, drop by our booth in the exhibition hall to say hello, and learn how Nouvoyance has been creating new technology solutions, and how we might help YOUR company.

Otto Schade Prize

cover_0214_smallI am being awarded the 2014 Otto Schade Prize for my work developing PenTile display technology.  The prize will be awarded on June 2, at the awards dinner, during this year’s Society for Information Display’s DisplayWeek in San Diego.  I hope you will attend.  You may read about me and the other 2014 awardees in the current issue of Information Display Magazine: