Generals Are Always Prepared For The Previous War

Candice eetimesIt’s a classic truism and remains true today.  When new tech obsoletes the planning, training, and doctrine of an older leadership, proven experts in the older tech.  Examples?  The stirrup used by the Norman’s defeated the Saxons in 1066, introducing the mounted knight.  The Welsh longbow that proved that the days of the mounted knight were over at Agincourt.  The infantry squares w/ bayonet mounted on rifles that showed that mounted cavalry and massed infantry doctrines were over.  The machine gun and trench warfare that showed that the European military love of fast calvary was over.  Airplanes and tanks that showed the Maginot line was useless.  The GPS system that showed Iraq’s doctrine that tanks would get lost in the trackless desert was fatally mistaken.  The large drones that allowed death from above that showed that hiding in the desert didn’t work.

Now, our military is confounded by a new system that utterly obsoletes older doctrines… the cheap, small, multi-rotor drone.  It serves as both intelligence gathering and explosives delivery vehicle.  Our military is not ready for them.

But they could be, if they start letting young officers perform wargames using them.

First line of defence is electronic counter measures.  Find the frequencies that enemy forces are using and hijack them or jam them.  It won’t be easy, not with spread spectrum technology and cheap encryption.  But start researching the problem now!

Be ready for the next tech development: AI.  The next step is to make the drones independent using AI if the command signals are lost.  The AI can continue the mission… even use image recognition to find our soldiers.  Uniforms are easy to identify.  Today’s camo is designed to confuse HUMAN eyes, not AI.  Time to start researching the problem now!

We might find that low tech solutions can be used.  For example, the weak point of multi-rotors is the rotors.  Imagine high tensile strength fiber nets to entangle the rotor blades.

That may not be the only solution… but time to war game them and see what works… NOW!

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