Murder By Any Other Name

Candice eetimesWith recent calls to “open the economy” and even armed protesters blocking the streets of Michigan, there has been a recent talking point among a certain class of political pundit, echoed by the usual suspects, that efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 epidemic infringes upon their freedom and liberty.  I’ve even seen it being described as taking away the dignity and future of those who have become unemployed as the restrictions required are ‘carpet bombing the economy’.

Equating minor and temporary economic hardships with loss of liberty, dignity, and future?  No one has less liberty than someone in body bag, no one has less of a future.  I’ve been unemployed numerous times.  Hell, I was intermittently homeless as a late teenager / early 20s. I still had liberty, dignity, and a future.  But to claim that a job (or some financier’s stock portfolio) is worth knowingly allowing people to die when we could have prevented that?  I judge that to be depraved indifference homicide, murder by any other name.

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