Strange Love or I Learned to Love the Book

Candice eetimesRather than posting another boring blurb, perhaps authors should talk about our writing, what we write about and why. So, please, allow me to share about myself.
Like many readers of SF&F there was one moment when it began. Mine was 5th grade, in the first few weeks of school when the teacher was looking at my “permanent record” and said, “I see that you are a good reader so I’m putting you in the advanced reader group.” She then gave me a book to read, “Old Yeller”. I read it in my spare time in just days. Then I approached the teacher and asked when we would be discussing the book as she had said we would. She then said, “We will discuss chapter one next Monday.”
This concerned me as it implied that we would only be talking about chapter one… not the whole book, so I asked, “When will be be discussing the rest of the book?”
“We will discuss one chapter a week.”
Now I was dismayed. Seriously, only one chapter a week? We would be talking about this one book for a whole YEAR?
“But I finished the book!”
“LIAR !!!”
I was shocked, she had called me a liar? Of course I defended my honor. To this she pulled out a sheaf of notes (She has notes?) on the book and proceeded to attempt to prove that I was a liar and hadn’t read the book. Of course, I had and could answer all of her questions. She was very very angry now that she had been shown to have falsely accused me of lying… and of having grossly underestimated my reading and comprehension skills. So, she looked around at her desk at her own reading material, grabbed a book and shoved it at me…
“Read this and write a book report.”
I did… it was the “Hobbit” and I was hooked… on both reading and on writing. I devoured science fiction and fantasy books by the armload… I became a high tech entrepreneur, over a hundred US patents, etc…. and self-published my first novel, “All The Stars Are Suns” just recently. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

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