Are UFOs real?

Candice eetimesA bit over ten years ago, I was piloting my Piper Cherokee over eastern Oregon in excellent visual conditions.  I could see for over a hundred miles.  I spotted what looked like a white building a long distance away on the horizon along my desired route so I used it as a visual point to fly a straight line toward it.  As I flew along, the “building” seemed to be getting bigger far too quickly.  I revised my estimate of how close it must be but couldn’t grasp what it was.  It suddenly grew much larger than it could possibly get and I suddenly realised it was flying at the same altitude as I was.  OH MY GOD!  I’m going to crash into it so begin to turn away when it flashed past me at high speed….

What was that thing?  A UFO?

Well, as it flashed past me only feet away, I finally understood… it was a white rubber toy helium balloon with a string hanging from it.  It was my first encounter with a toy balloon but not my last.  Each time my heart skips a beat then catches up with a rapid pounding as they flash past.  The ones that are really freaky are the metallic ones that shine brightly in the sunlight and appear to be bobbing flying saucers that nearly collided with me.  So please, hang onto your balloons lest they terrify some poor pilot half to death and give rise to yet more silly reports of “Unidentified Flying Objects”.

Yes, UFOs are real… I’ve seen ’em !

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