Pandora Is A GMO Ecosystem

Candice eetimesIn the wildly successful science fiction film Pandora advanced technology allows humans sitting inside a brain scanner to teleoperate genetically engineered alien-human hybrid avatars.  It was never clear how the avatars were connected to the scanners… radio?  Doesn’t matter, they had to have had fully functioning brains and nervous systems because in the end Jake Sully, a human being, has his full memories and consciousness transfered to his avatar such that his human body, and his human brain, is no longer needed.  I won’t go into discussions about how silly I found THAT.  But I do want to talk about the other unquestioned aspects of James Cameron’s vision of Pandora.  The Tree of Souls and sahalu, the ability of the Na’vi to directly interface with a number of domesticated species and to the Tree of Souls.  If this were a real alien world that we humans had discovered…

I would stay the HELL away from it!  Such an ability could NOT have evolved naturally.  No, the entire ecosystem, which has a connection to Eywa, the consciousness of the entire ecosystem, would have had to have been genetically engineered by a very advanced civilization.  My first question would be, are the Na’vi the descendents of that civilization?  Or merely one of their domesticated “pets”?  Either way… time to stay as far away from them as possible until one has established whether or not that civilization still exists at the level that was needed to create that ecosystem.  Because if it does, they would be far more advanced than the human civilization as it was portrayed in the film.

Which brings me back to my own writing.  If you have read my first novel, All The Stars Are Suns, you would know that my story is how humans as a species will do the very same thing, genetically engineer ecosystems that can turn barren worlds into living ones ideal for humans, including genetically engineered symbionts that will allow telepathic like connection to both electronic computers and to each other… and to genetically engineered symbionts in our domesticated species in genetically engineered ecosystems.

Frankly, I can’t see any other way that we will successfully colonize other worlds as we expand past the womb we call Mother Earth.  My future books will explore those new worlds our children will call home.

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