News Byte On Bitcoin

***In financial news today, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies crashed today.  All the exchanges have halted trading of futures as well, as news spread that a new very high qubit supercomputer set up to mine Bitcoins was said to have been finding hundreds of the previously elusive hard to find prime numbers needed for cryptocurrencies per millisecond.  Countries that had switched to cryptocurrencies are scrambling to set up conventional currencies, many switching back to the U.S. Dollar as its reserve currency.

***In related news, the powergrid of Venezuela has experienced several fluctuations due to the shutdown of energy intensive conventional computers nearly simultaneously.  These computer farms had previously been mining for prime numbers for cryptocurrencies.

***President Harris said that the U.S. Dollar and economy is still stable and that the Federal Reserve’s move to enable it own eDollar system is in no way hurt by this new technology and is in fact aided by it since the new quantum computers will be able to track and keep secure all electronic transactions using U.S. Dollars.

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