The (Genetic) Lottery

“Please.  If you would just run this story…” pleaded the Cub Reporter.

“No way!  We would both lose our jobs!  The Owners of the network won’t allow it.  Besides, don’t you understand, the listeners won’t believe it.  They can’t believe it.  If they did, they would have to get off their couches and do something about it,” retorted the Wise Senior Editor.

“But they need to know!” demanded the Cub Reporter.

“What?  You think they need to know that the Lottery is rigged?  That they don’t have a chance to become rich?  Look kid, this is the way things are and have been for generations.  It’s how the system works.  Of course the winners of the Lottery come from families that won the lottery already.  That’s how they maintain the illusion that everyone has a shot at the ‘American Dream’, poor saps.  They sure as hell can’t win through hard work!  Kid, life isn’t fair.  To win you have to first win the genetic lottery, chosing your parents well.”

“You mean that you already knew?”  cried the Cub Reporter in dismay.

“Of course kid.  Why do you think I have this job?”


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