An Experiment Gone Wrong…

Candice eetimes“Are you sure this will prove your theory of Quantum Temporal Improbability, Doctor Essex?  Are you sure it’s safe?  I mean, if you are correct, this will change the past, which will mean that it will change our present?”

“Of course it will work.  And yes, it’s safe.  The experiment will only slightly effect the probability of small things.  It won’t effect big things in the slightest.  Changes to history will always converge back to the higher probability events in time; so there is no danger.”

“How far back are you setting the change to be anyways?”

“Did you not read my whitepaper on that subject?  It has to be when the Earth is closest to the same position as it is now relative to the other major masses in our solar system and the center of the galaxy.  Thus, it has to be in increments of whole years so that the energy required to make change will be minimal.  Of course, that also means that one year in the past is the easiest to effect.”

“OK, what should be we look for?”

“Oh, I’m sure it will be quite subtle: a typo in some website that wasn’t there before… something like that.  So, I have setup a search of the web looking for changes compared to our locally stored web mirror.”

“OK… If that’s all it will be, you have permission to go ahead.”

“Thank you,” Dr. Essex said as he pressed the button on his computer that sent the signal to the CERN Large Hadron Collider to preform his side experiment.  “OK, that was it.  The search should find something….”

“What’s wrong Doctor?”

“This can’t be!  That’s not a small change !  My GOD.  Clinton’s no longer the president!”

“You can’t mean !!!  NO!  That’s not possible!…   NOT Trump !!!”

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