Why I Write

Candice eetimesWith the recent release of my first novel, “All The Stars Are Suns”, I have been asked by colleagues how long I have been writing it.  After all, my career as an engineer/inventor/entrepreneur would seem to take up all of my time, on top of having two daughters.  Oh… and let’s not forget that my husband Jeff and I are restoring an historic house.  Who said, “In one’s life, one should plant a tree, write a book, and raise a child,”?  Or in my case it should be plant several gardens, restore an old house, raise children, invent new technology, found a company, AND write a book.

Actually, I’ve been writing all of my adult life.  My first short science fiction story was published in a fanzine put out by the Los Altos Science Fiction and Fantasy Association.  The membership was primarily students and recent alumni of Los Altos High School.  My copy of that edition was lost long ago in one of my many moves.  But fiction has not been my main subject.  Most of my writing has been non-fiction.  I have a chapter on PenTile display technology in the industry textbook, “Mobile Displays – Technology and Applications”.  It is very dry reading.  I’ve published dozens of articles in industry magazines, more dry reading, though a few were on optical illusions which were fun.  Oh, and lets not forget that I wrote parts of the specifications (descriptions) of the inventions in many of my hundred or so patents… really, really dry reading!  So, writing has been very much a part of my life.

Now I’m writing my next novel, “Raven’s Rook”.  Hopefully it won’t take as long as my first.

But why do I write?  Because words are time machines.  We read from the past and write to the future.


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