An Immodest Proposal

Many in the United States of America are disturbed about how two recent Presidential and Vice Presidential elections failed to mirror the popular vote.  Some are calling for the abolition of the Electoral College.  Yet others wish to retain it.

The reasons for keeping it include the very same reasons that our Founding Fathers argued for its original form, to keep popular but incompetent or selfishly ambitious and dangerous ideologues from reaching this our highest office.  But, it obviously failed most recently.

But the reason it failed is because the method of selecting our Electors has changed and not for the better.  We used to vote directly for these people, by name.  Now, they are the tools of partisanship, a party slate, voted not by name, but by party affiliation.  This is what must change.

Further, we must not be slaves to the past.  (Allusion intended.)  We must not continue to live with the compromises made in the late 18th Century with those elements that would own human beings as though they were draft animals.  The Electoral College must be apportioned by population only.

The easiest way of achieving both ends is to set the Electoral voting system by districts, in fact, the same districts as the House of Representatives (providing that gerrymandering has been eliminated).  This will allow voters to size up the potential Electors and weed out those who would fail to vote their conscience.  It won’t totally eliminate party influence, but it will eliminate winner take all by states.  It will eliminate the overweighting of low population states, giving back equal representation to the populous states.

There is one other proposal I would make… and that is that the Electors should be voted upon in the mid-term elections so as to allow a two-year period in which the Electors may confer among themselves, hear from their local constituents, to select the best candidates for the offices of President and Vice President.  This will have the effect of eliminating the “horse race” public campaigns that are so divisive of our nation.

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