Display Daily – Guest Editorial – Display Resolution War

The Display Resolution War – How much resolution is enough?

Display Daily published my thoughts on high resolution in displays today.  I argue that we will see increasing resolutions in mobile displays, smartphones, tablets, phablets, etc. until we reach 1200ppi.  Check it out to see why:


Book Chapter

Bhowmik_mobile_9.qxdIts been six years since I wrote a chapter for Mobile Displays – Technology and Applications.  What I find amusing is how prescient it turned out to be in that at the time I wrote it, PenTile displays had yet to ship in commercial products.  Now, hundreds of millions of PenTile displays are being shipped.  The book is still available, of course:


If you are at all interested in my work, this chapter is a must read.  However, if you are the type that can wade through the much more technical and legalese of patents, you may wish to read my issued US Patents here.